Camvas Photobooth

Just one of the cool things you can do with camvas

This project is maintained by cbrandolino, who just got on twitter and feels lonely there so say hi to @cbrandolino

Camvas Photobooth Demo


  • Blood bath
  • Cheap Greyscale
  • Nice Greyscale
  • Invert
  • Cheap Vignette
  • Nouvelle Vague

Saved pictures


This demo only works on the most recent versions of chrome, firefox (Aurora/nightly) and safari (possibly explorer too, but I would not vouch for it). Opera should really try to implement a requestAnimationFrame, instead, in particular now that they support WebGL.

Some browsers will ask you for permissions to use your webcam: accept it in order to see the demo in action: feel free to check the code before activating it. Spoiler: nothing will be sent anywhere, it's between you and your browser.

Note for chrome 21 users: you might experience some performance issues. If you want to solve them (and feel adventurous), take a look at chrome://flags and get freaky checking all things 2d- and video- acceleration


The Camera icon is from brsev (CC-BY-NC)