I'm Claudio Brandolino, a 25 years old software developer currently living in Berlin.

Word is, my github is more interesting than this page.

Here I am

Credits: xkcd

Here are some things I like

  • The web, statistics, computational linguistics, data visualization;
  • Javascript (for real - call me crazy but I dig its inheritance model a lot as well);
  • The new developments in HTML5 tech (in particular Canvas, SVG and the various audio APIs);
  • Hackatons and conferences in which actual code is shown;
  • Git and github - the two most important tools for open source since GNU/linux IMHO;
  • Steak, cake, music;
  • Any game from Valve.

Here are some reasons to contact me.

  • You have a wonderful open-source project involving some of the aforementioned things I like and you would like some help;
  • You have an interesting job offer in Berlin, Leipzig, Cambridge or Kent;
  • You have an incredibly interesting job offer involving data visualization for the web and you're based somewhere else;
  • You think my projects are supernice and just want to tell me so;
  • You want to hear about an idea I've been toying with for a while, involving indie music and the web.


Nightingale graph icon

A javascript/canvas implementation of Nightingale graphs


Graph icon

A javascript/SVG interface for graph analysis tools.

Diameter of circles and width of lines represent the number of nodes and edges of a given type. Hover the edges to filter them.


Hacker stereo icon

A javascript sequencer based on Game of Life, with a synth plugins system.

In order to mantain sanity, I suggest you try the MozAudio synth (which only works on FF at the moment)


Todo icon

A todo list, made in coffeescript with backbone.js

It's not a copy of the (terrible) example todo list on the backbone website.

Education and awards

First approach to programming, learned BASIC on an Amstrad CPC.
2002, Liceo B. Spaventa (Città Sant'Angelo)
First place in my high school's Math Olympics.
Active participation in my local LUG.
Independent studies in CS and software engineering.
2003, Liceo B. Spaventa (Città Sant'Angelo)
Graduated high school.
Participation to many c-base events and workshops.
2011, Hackitaly (Milan)
Third place in Italy's biggest Hackaton.
2011-present, Internet
Successfully following several courses from Coursera and Udacity.

Work experience

Several small web-related works for local businesses, bands and a radio in my home town.
Founded a small web-services company in Berlin, together with my sister.
We worked on projects for Italian and German companies, with contracts ranging from one to six months, as both external and embedded contractors.
We specialized in Facebook applications, coupon redeeming sites and metrics tools.
Entities we worked for include: Yamamay, MSC Crociere, Trony, Vodafone Italia, Haus der Kulturen der Welt.
January-May 2012, Moviepilot
Worked on the internal graph analysis tools, including several custom data visualization projects.


Proficient in:
Javascript, CoffeeScript, HTML, CSS, Sass, Ruby, SQL, PHP
Working knowledge of:
C, Scheme, Python, Haskell, Lua
Frameworks and libraries (Client):
Jquery, Backbone.js, d3
Frameworks and libraries (Server):
Rails, Sinatra, Web.py, Kohana
Database systems:
MySQL, PostgreSQL, neo4j, Redis
Operating systems:
Various Unices (Debian GNU/linux is my system of choice, but I don't dislike FreeBSD nor OSX)
Tools I use daily:
Git, Github, Vim and the standard Unix toolchain